This works with any version of django >= 2.0, and running on python >= 3.6

for usage

Simplest way to get the profiler is to use pip, and installing chrome extension from chrome store:

  • Python package:

    $ pip install django-query-profiler

    You can verify that the application is available on your PYTHONPATH by opening a python interpreter and entering the following commands:

    >>> import django_query_profiler
    >>> django_query_profiler.VERSION
  • Chrome extension: Download from chrome webstore

Note that the chrome extension works on any chromium based browser. We have tested it on Google Chrome and Brave Browser

for development

  • clone the git repository for python package from GitHub and run

    $ git clone git://
    $ <venv activate command>
    $ cd django-query-profiler
    $ python test;  python install;
  • clone the git repository for chrome plugin and add it to any chromium based browser:

    git clone git://
    Open chrome://extensions (command works in any chromium based browser)
      - check Developer mode,
      - click on load unpacked.
      - Select the cloned package above